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Lacoste Perfumes

Lacoste perfume product


Lacoste are a well established clothing design house and famed for their iconic tennis shirts in recent years branded with crocodile logo. In 1980 they began to introduce other products to their line. One of which included the Lacoste perfume range.

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Lacoste perfume

Lacoste's most popular fragrances released in recent years is A Touch of Pink in 2004. A Touch of Pink is an inspired playfully femininely vital perfume. The Lacoste range includes popular choices such as Lacoste Pour Homme Eau de Toilette, Essential, Challenge, Lacoste Red, Joy of Pink and Love of Pink perfumes.

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Lacoste ladies perfume

Lacoste produce a soft feminine range of fragrances. That can be described as bright and beautiful with a rich blend of floral blooms. As well as having a feminine touch Lacoste encompass a sporty free feel to their fragrances.

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