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Hermes perfumes

hermes perfumes product


Hermes or Hermes International is a French high fashion house established in 1837. Through out the years they have specialised in a variety of lifestyle accessories and perfumery. In 1949 Hermes entered the world of perfume with it’s first fragrance release Eau d'Hermes.

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Hermes body care

Hermes body care range has been said to leave you feeling invigorated and subtly fragranced. Their range includes: Terre D'Hermes, Equipage, Eau des Merveilles and more.

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Hermes shower

Hermes have an exciting range of fragranced shower gel’s for both men and women. Hermes shower range has been described as having a delicate, soft and sparkling, with powder notes and vanilla. Their range includes: Hermes Eau Claire Merveilles and Hermes Voyage D'Hermes Eau De Toilette and many more.

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Hermes perfumes

Hermes perfumes have a fashionable perfume collection which was increased by the release of Eau D’Orange, Verte, Hermes Bel Ami, Hermes Roccobar and more. Hermes is well known for it’s distinctive sensational fragrance which is available for both men and women.

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